ESG Premium Analysis

Harness the power of your ESG Data

ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) is a growing demand across stakeholders. This measure of corporate ethicality impacts investor prospects, talent attraction and retention, purchase behavior, risk management, and more. Organizations that invest in ESG management see better financial performance as a result.

Dive deeper into the business impact of ESG

That's why RepTrak® offers ESG Premium Analysis, powered by machine learning and AI.

Together with our expert advisors, we take a 360° look at each area of ESG to identify specific opportunities and challenges and offer tailored recommendations - beyond our initial ESG Reputation Analysis.


Maximize Budgets

Enhance channel impact and effectiveness with exact data insight to provide more focused, personalized, and relevant messages for priority stakeholders. By using this data insight we can learn how your priority stakeholders interact with channels and use that information to optimize their experience and your budget.


Gain A Competitive Edge

Develop a dynamic understanding of your ESG against competitors, allowing your team to implement better strategies in response to their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the larger picture provides valuable insight when it's time to set meaningful goals and make decisions that keep you steps ahead of your competition.


Build Trust

Establish stronger, pertinent relationships with employees, partners, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and investors in order to build sustainable relationships that will enable innovation and business growth. ESG data plays an integral role in helping our clients sustain business growth while preserving the longevity of their company.


Drive Better Business Outcomes

Influence and learn more about key stakeholder behaviors like purchase intent or likelihood to recommend a company, resulting in tangible changes to sales, market share and brand perception. In order to create a lasting effect on stakeholder behavior, corporate communications and marketing teams need to understand how those behaviors are shaped.

How it works:

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In collaboration with our Advisory team, pick the list of Business Outcome(s) where you want greater focus and more granular insights on: benefit of the doubt, trust, work for and invest

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Our Data Science and Advisory Teams run targeted prescriptive analytics and identify the key insights to activate your selection.

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We present and discuss results and recommendations in a strategic workshop with your team.

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While clients have access to their included ESG Scores through the Core RepTrak program, the ESG Premium Analysis provides in-depth insights and recommendations to leverage the impact of ESG on business outcomes, through:

  • A deep dive on the perception of ESG drivers, components and factors

  • ESG drivers and factors prioritization to enhance desired business outcomes

  • Impact of the touch points on ESG perception