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RepTrak Advisory

Act based on recommendations tailored to you

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At RepTrak, we help our clients make better decisions by combining the power of our the RepTrak software platform with our in-house subject matter experts. Our Advisory team provides you with strategic, data-driven guidance to improve and protect your corporate reputation.

We help you learn how to build greater stakeholder awareness, target stakeholders more effectively, improve channel impact and effectiveness, accelerate your company’s crisis response time, and more.

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  • Who they are

    Unparalleled global team of more than 75 reputation experts

    • Inspired by our academic roots

    • Armed with our RepTrak data

    • Informed by industry knowledge

    • Guided by real-world business understanding

    • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual

    • Objective, data-driven, truth sayers

    “Master storytellers of the what, why, and how”

  • What They Do

    Expertise and ongoing advice on how to best use and interpret Reptrak data:

    • Onboarding session and training on RepTrak platform and methodology

    • Immersion briefing on what we know about your company and industry based on our RepTrak database

    • Optional monthly check-ins using the platform for a quick update and discussion

    • Quarterly workshop sessions to delve into the results, discuss specific themes and interest areas, and provide recommendations

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  • How They Do It

    The RepTrak model provides pragmatic and actionable recommendations to improve reputation relative to your desired business goals. Our advisory team plays a key role in helping you to define, measure, manage, and deliver on your desired success. The approach our advisory takes to determining meaningful action can be summarized as:

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  • What is your corporate reputation? What drives it?

  • What results do your activities yield and how can you optimize them?

  • How do you perform in the media? Does earned media impact your corporate reputation?

  • What touchpoints best reach your stakeholders? What messaging influences behavior?

  • How are your company’s ESG efforts perceived?