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Corporate Reputation Management Solutions

Lead the Reputation Revolution.

Knowledge is power. And intangible assets, like reputation, make up 90% of market value (Tomo Intangible Asset Market Value Study). Don’t just hold a collective breath as your sales and stock price reel – know how people really feel about your company before it’s too late.

In the midst of skyrocketing business uncertainty, industry transformation, and the general information age, we’re proud to provide ‘always on’ reputation tracking & analysis with the RepTrak Platform, so you are always the first to know how your audience thinks and feels about your organization.

RepTrak’s Reputation Scores serve as a leading indicator, allowing your team to interpret the constantly updating stream of reputation, brand, ESG, and media data.

Reputation intelligence opens the door to actionable insights.

Use RepTrak to:


Eliminate guessing with trusted, continuous data

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Manage crisis communications

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Implement informed brand strategy

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Monitor campaign effectiveness

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Lead ESG initiatives

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Celebrate communications accomplishments

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Allocate funds by initiative and region

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Determine actionable insights

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Record and report progress

Reputation exists, whether you measure it or not

When you know how your audience is thinking, feeling, and reacting, you can make better, more informed decisions. In fact, historical RepTrak research shows a 1-point drop in Reputation Score often results in a 4-5% drop in consumer support.

Optimize your efforts with a data-driven communication strategy supported by the world’s largest normative benchmark database and actionable recommendations from our team of reputation experts.

RepTrak finds that Communications leaders face a variety of issues of value, priority, competency:


  • Difficulty demonstrating value to leaders and decision makers

  • Communications as an afterthought

  • No Communications “seat at the table”


  • Lack of time

  • Other comms priorities

  • Too many channels

  • Reactive v. Proactive


  • Difficult to determine objectives

  • Lacking crucial insight

  • Change management conflict

RepTrak was deliberately developed to meet the unique demands our comms professionals saw in the field every day – and to further arm them for whatever the reputation landscape could bring next.